EP. 1: What Up Doe!

Welcome to the debut episode of Black Love Matter! This podcast serves as a therapy session for figuring out adulthood, loving each other, and finding our inner Barack and Michelle (…or Jay-z and Beyonce or Cardi B and Offset depending on the day.


Hosts, Niram and Niambi introduce themselves and:

  • Discuss  how they met and how long they been together
  • Why they decided to start this podcast and why you should listen to us
  • And the format of the show

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4 thoughts on “EP. 1: What Up Doe!”

  1. Love it. Love it. Love it. Keep it coming….. since many of us have been touched by white hands. Hilarious….

    • Thanks Carrie! We appreciate and support! You know those white hands are something else. Once you’re touched it’s hard to get the smell off.

  2. Hello, to u both I’m your cousin from Cleveland OH…ur Mom/Dad shared ur Podcast with me to listen to. It was funny/light hearted/truthful/like both of u. You are a beautiful couple & I wish u both much success in life journey!!! Keep me posted I’m looking forward to ur next Podcast.

    Love ya both, Cousin Cheryl

    • Hello Cousin Cheryl from Cleveland,
      Thank for the kind words we will continue to make you proud! We will put you on the listserv so when episodes come out you will get an email. -Niram


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