EP.110: Head vs. Heart

We back at it again! We appreciated if you could leave a 5-star rating and review on iTunes or Stitcher. In this episode, Niram and Niambi talk about This is Us and why Niambi is in Cali. Nothing but laughs and real talk! Submit your Black Love Story — Go to https://blaclovematters.com/lovestory/ and we’ll shout you out! We really want to showcase the greatness of black love…


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1 thought on “EP.110: Head vs. Heart”

  1. “Black men are raises to be supported, while black women are raised to support.” IF THAT ISNT A WORD IDK WHAT IS! I’ve been having this conversation for months with some of my friends! Especially around the time of the whole Cryrese (as Niram so accurately called him hahahah) situation/meltdown. It goes hand in hand with Queen Michelle Obama’s statement “It’s like the problem in the world today is we love our boys and we raise our girls.”
    Love you guys, keep this greatness coming!


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