EP. 175: Back to School Part 1 High School

We back at it again! We appreciated if you could leave a 5-star rating and review on iTunes or Stitcher. In this episode, Niram and Niambi talk about lessons learned in high school. Submit your Black Love Story — Go to https://blaclovematters.com/lovestory/ and we’ll shout you out! We really want to showcase the greatness of black love…


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1 thought on “EP. 175: Back to School Part 1 High School”

  1. Hey family. Being raised in and around the south, it is nothing for a family to receive entire meals to families when a loved one dies.
    When we had death on my dad’s side of the family, the community (both church and local) fed us for the entire month of June and part of July over 14 years ago.
    I know most families would prefer certain things in lieu of flowers, food, etc.
    I know for my fune, I want a repass only with plenty of food, beverages, and laughter.


    Dr. Dee


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