EP. 270: Angela Bassett Is the Baddest B***h

We back at it again! We appreciated if you could leave a 5-star rating and review on iTunes or Stitcher. In this episode, Niram and Niambi talk about Niambi’s first time at the gym, mass shooting, and Angela being a bad bitch. Submit your Black Love Story — Go to https://blaclovematters.com/lovestory/ and we’ll shout you out! We really want to showcase the greatness of black love…

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1 thought on “EP. 270: Angela Bassett Is the Baddest B***h”

  1. I felt something when you and the best half spoke about feelings of invisibility. I earned my PhD back in 2015 and it’s a challenge every day know that I have all this education and making less than 60K each year. I am so ready for change. Living and working in this America is a challenge, yet I know who has us and is in total control.

    Glad you both provide a sounding/listening board for the black/brown/diverse communities with your podcasts. Thank you.


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