EP. 94: Proud Mary and Mirco Cheating

We back at it again! We appreciated if you could leave a 5-star rating and review on iTunes or Stitcher. In this episode, Niram and Niambi talk about Proud Mary, Mirco Cheating, the Chi and when is it ok to boomerang a relationship. Nothing but laughs and real talk! Submit your Black Love Story — Go to https://blaclovematters.com/lovestory/ and we’ll shout you out! We really want to showcase the greatness of black love…


Kitchen Table Talk  

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2 thoughts on “EP. 94: Proud Mary and Mirco Cheating”

  1. Listen… I showed up to the plantation this morning and surprisingly… NO MLK CELEBRATION… of any kind. These CC’s find ANY thing to celebrate and leave work early for happy hour for. But today, of all days, NOTHING! I have to admit, my job is very inclusive and diverse. So maybe that’s why it surprises me. But COME ON CRAFTY CRACKERS! Its Cool though. Because I emailed my boss to tell her I’d be leaving 5 hours early and signed it “Happy MLK Day”.

  2. Hey Yall!

    Niambiiiii SIS! I’m here with you on this food thing (I’m not calling it an addiction, yet) But I’ve been going through this love of food. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with it for a while. ? It’s just an issue of not having the right foods that im eating.


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