EP.209: All I Want For Christmas Is Reviews

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1 thought on “EP.209: All I Want For Christmas Is Reviews”

  1. Hey Hey Niambs, Niram, and Mabel, hope all is well. My random question is what was the worst natural disaster you were apart of (if ever)? A lil bit of back story to my random. I live in Alaska (yes I’m black and yes there are a lot of us here) and we just had an earthquake (yes I am fine if just a bit shaken) it was not as big or as devastating as the 1964 quake but it did it’s own fair share of damage. I didn’t sleep for about a week after this last one partly because we kept having tremors ( still having tremors) and partly because it was terrifying. I am, however from the Midwest myself so I have experienced earthquakes and tornadoes before. This however was on a whole other level. Peaceful blessings of abundance. Toya


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