EP. 421: Kickin’ It At The Kitchen Table With Shan Boody

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2 thoughts on “EP. 421: Kickin’ It At The Kitchen Table With Shan Boody”

  1. My name is Fortune and I’m the Author of Girl He Didn’t Tell You and I would like to be on your podcast speaking about my book.

  2. Hey cousins!
    It’s been a minute and you guys are still going strong! Super proud of you two and wishing blessings upon blessings!

    I have a dilemma and I’m wondering if I am just being spoiled? My husband and I are super busy as are most couples. Our children are grown and gone. My dilemma is my husband has a very demanding job as do I. He has picked up another full time position for a major airline. I love our quality time which is one of my love languages and this other FT job is going to impede on that. I have expressed to him I want him to absolutely do what makes him happy, but also said I do not want our relationship to develop into a ship’s passing in the night and/or a roommate relationship.
    Can you help me to navigate through this feeling of being alone in an otherwise great marriage?

    Thank you cousins!

    Lady First


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