EP.81: We Back!!! Outing People and Guess who got Fired?

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2 thoughts on “EP.81: We Back!!! Outing People and Guess who got Fired?”

  1. Hi Niram and Niambi. First of all let me say Welcome Back! We missed you dearly. Niambi, I want to tell you that things will work out for you, I’m sure of it. You’re full of Black Girl Magic, and you’ll get through this! Shout out to Niram for being the GOAT through your trials. Black love exists and it’s beautiful!

    In addition, there was a woman accused of rape but it was against another woman. It was Melanie Martinez from The Voice, her accuser used to be her best friend. However, Melanie denied that it was rape and remained that it was consensual.

    Thank you for another great episode.

  2. Lordt….The Box Store tried it!!! Really, a going away baby shower! Stop madam and sir!

    Mrs. Niambi in the words of Kendrick Lamar….You gonna be Alright!

    Thank you, Niram for being the support that your boothang needs!

    I am glad you both are back!


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