EP.9: Happy Juneteenth (Negroes We Are Free!), First Dates, and Mom and Pops Co-Host

We back at it again! We appreciated if you could leave a 5-star rating and review on iTunes or Stitcher. In this episode, Niram and Niambi talk about the Cosby trial,  first dates, and Juneteenth. Oh and guess what not only are Niambi’s parents highlighted in the Black Love Story segment but they were our co-host!  Nothing but laughs and real talk!


Black Love Story

Submit your Black Love Story today — Go to https://blaclovematters.com/lovestory/ to submit your black love story and we’ll shout you out! We really want to showcase the greatness of black love…


Juneteenth Ideas

  1. Start morning off honoring ancestors through libations, do an ancestor roll call.(Enslaved Africans were taken away from their people)
  2. Record family member story, could be as simple as your aunts favorite recipe, or a family tradition.
  3. Start family tree or do a DNA test through ancestry.com or 23 and me or family DNA
  4. Call family members and friends and tell them that they’re free it’s the Juneteenth spread the word
  5. Reconnect with family members or friends, get engaged or married, planning a wedding (Enslaved Africans were forbidden to be married or families were broken up)
  6. Apply for passport leave the state city or the country, plan a trip to country in Africa or a part of the African Diaspora. (Enslaved Africans were not allowed to travel)
  7. Registered to vote, get active in a local cause, donate money, ex. NAACP United Negro College Fund or local organization
  8. Have a gathering for a cookout, remember to do Juneteenth foods such as says strawberry soda, watermelon, (the symbol of red in powerful among the Diaspora) barbecue (A Texas tradition)
  9. Wear fine linen clothes or silk (Enslaved Africans were forbidden to wear any cloth finer the slave clothes, free women of color were required to wear a Tignon, but they became so beautiful, white women became jealous and they were forbidden, so rock a glee or dhuku)
  10. Investing a black bank, open a bank account (it ain’t a federal holiday so banks be open)
  11. Support a black own business whether it’s a restaurant or black street seller (respect the hustle)
  12. Plant something in honor of 40 acres and a mule, urban garden works. (corn, peas and rice were forbidden to Enslaved Africans) start an herb garden
  13. Buy a Juneteenth flag
  14. Beat your drums, play drumming music (Enslaved Africans were forbidden to have drums)
  15. Attend a Juneteenth festival
  16. Get a tattoo or symbol of freedom Adinkra symbol
  17. Take the day off
  18. Go outside on find the dipping gourd (never know when we will have to run again) learn the night sky
  19. Just eat food, try not to be crude or rude, Kill the attitude, chill the serious mood, And doowutchyalike, Yeah, and doowutchyalike, Everybody doowutchyalike


Kitchen Table Talk

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Hello Niram and Niambi-I love the podcast. I have a bit of a strange question…I’m a 36-year-old mother of 2 dating a 44-year-old divorced father of two. Recently we were kissing, and he said, “oh, Kate, I want to get you pregnant.” We haven’t even told each other that we love the other, but I do believe that we are falling in love. What does his declaration really mean? Please be honest!


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